Franciacorta Rosé Brut

The “lovely wine”…
Lovely, yet, also good since, just like the ancient Greeks knew, what is fine or beautiful is not necessarily good (kalòs is equal to agathoòs). Yet, this statement is not always true. However, speaking of our Franciacorta Brut Rosé as a lovely wine, we believe that we have made an explosion of bouquets and “flavors” come together in a nice package, which cannot but satisfy all the senses.

Grapes: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay.
Vineyards: the Pinot Noir is entirely from vineyards of the Bosco Basso in Capriolo, and the Chardonnay is from various vineyards in Capriolo and Iseo.
Production cycle: The Pinot Noir makes a brief stop in presses, in contact with the skins, in order to extract the color required. This is then followed by the fermentation process in stainless steel vats and, in the spring, the “en tirage” process, with the start of a slow second fermentation in bottles, according to the traditional Franciacorta method. The bottles are stacked for at least 2 years. After the disgorgement stage, with the addition of an extremely dry liqueur de dosage, it undergoes another fining period in the wine cellar for several months. The total aging period, therefore, lasts at least 36 months.
Color: Salmon pink, fine mousse, persistent; fine and brilliant bubbles.
Nose: aroma of black cherry and ripe jujube berries, wild berries, and mountain herbs; hints of rose.
Palate: Austere, decisive character, its impetuous freshness is quickly subdued by a body that is clear and imposing, fruity and fragrant.
Alcohol content: 12.5% vol.
Bottle storage: in a horizontal position, in the dark, in a cool, dry environment.
Serving method: serve at 7-8°C ( 44,6 – 46,4º F), preferably in a bucket with water and ice, uncorking the bottle when ready to serve, using slim glasses that are not too narrow.
Gastronomy: assertive and persistent yet, at the same time, fresh and elegant, it is the Don Juan of Franciacorta that goes well with all foods: from mild to spicy, from fish to meat, from charcuterie to cheeses, its charm wins you over.
Trivia: Completely new packaging with a white frosted bottle, to better enjoy its lovely color. The label, designed by Zowart of Rome, is transparent, therefore, allowing the wine to penetrate through the frosted bottle, revealing its elegant salmon color.
Size: Available in 0.75 l. bottles.