Ricci Curbastro: a sustainable Farm Estate Winery

The Ricci Curbastro estate practices organic farming as a natural continuation of the various environmental impact reduction practices that have began over thirty years ago. Since 2017 it has been among the first nine companies in Italy, first in Lombardy, certified as a “Sustainable Winery” for its commitment in environmental, economic and social terms according to the Equalitas standard.

Since 2017, the Ricci Curbastro estate has decided to start a program to achieve certification according to the SOPD Equalitas sustainability standard – SUSTAINABILITY OF THE WINE-GROWING CHAIN: ORGANIZATIONS, PRODUCTS, DESIGNATIONS OF ORIGIN (SOPD).

In order to pursue its mission, company management has established, as a general objective, to develop an action for continuous improvement of processes and products, involving in this improvement project all interested parties, from company staff to suppliers, to the community. Pursuing the achievement of the subtle balance between the various needs, including full customer satisfaction, cost optimization, personnel and work environment safety, creation of partnership relationships with suppliers and the local community, full respect for the environment and protection of resources.

“The lower expenditure of resources, the increase in the well-being of the interested parties and other «classic» aspects of the concept of sustainability must be supported, in my opinion, from an «original» element that resides in the fact of focusing also on the first part of the definition of sustainability (see Bruntland Report), that is the «guarantee of today», and therefore the maintenance of the pre-established oenological result, which cannot pass into subordinate but must have the same dignity as the second part of the definition («without compromising tomorrow»).” Riccardo Ricci Curbastro

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Carbon footprint

Ricci Curbastro has addressed, in a concrete manner, one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time: climate change.
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Solar Energy

Energy from the sun to power the winery.
24,000 kWh produced per year, 130 tons of CO2 that is not released into the atmosphere.
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Romagnola Hen

An endangered breed of chickens: the Romagnola.
An old chicken coop designed by an architect.
A genetic safeguard project in favor of biodiversity.
A tribute to the ancestor Raffaele Ricci Curbastro.
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LEDs lighting

The Ricci Curbastro winery is entirely illuminated by LEDs.
The “Save Energy” Project for the reduction of energy consumption, in collaboration with 360° Engineering.
LEDs and solar panels to reduce the electricity needs of the company to zero.
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Less water, less energy, same well-being

Water is life.
We all know how essential this resource is for us and our planet, but we only remember it when it is scarce.
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Recycling of waste and separate collection.
Cork stoppers can also be reused.
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Organic viticulture

Ecology and respect for the environment, but not because it’s trendy.
A special three-way relationship: Vine-man-nature.
Running the vineyards along the lines of sustainable and organic agriculture.
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The green Kilometer

Among the cultivated fields of the Italian agricultural landscape the
presence of hedges, trees and thickets populated with animal life was frequent.
In 2021 we reached 1000 meters of hedges.
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“The Three Lives of the Tree”

Environmental, economical and ethical path.
From tree to barrique, from barrique to artificial nests built by inmates
of the Penalty Institute of Alessandria (Piemont). The virtuous cycle of
wood in the name of recovering people and materials.
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