Franciacorta MR, Museum Release

An ancient news in the Ricci Curbastro estate.
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Yeasts at the service of Franciacorta. Our research

Ten years’ research by Ricci Curbastro. How yeasts are used to make pleasant-tasting and preservable Franciacorta wines.
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Curtefranca Red DOC Project

Enhancing a red wine in a land known for its Franciacorta.
Carmenère, the grape variety that has always been among us.
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Project “zero treatments and residues on grapes”

A centuries-old history behind it and a great vocation for innovation are the DNA of the Ricci Curbastro estate combined with the great attention to the environment that has seen us protagonists of numerous initiatives in the last thirty years.
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Blockchain and MyStory™

Ricci Curbastro has been carrying out data collection and verification activities on its supply chain for decades; activities designed to follow its quality processes and guarantee its bottles.
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