Franciacorta is located in the Lombardy region, in the province of Brescia. Demarcated east by the last morainal rocky foothills of the Alps, west by the Oglio River, north by the shores of Lake Iseo, and south by the high Po Valley.
Its territory includes, in all or part, nineteen municipalities:

Scholars believe that the name, Franciacorta, derives from the Latin, “curtes francae”, the community of Clunian Benedictine monks exempted, during the Middle Ages, from paying taxes in exchange for reclaiming and cultivating the land assigned to them. The only certainty is that the name appeared for the first time in the Annals of the Municipality of Brescia (Statuta Communis Civitatis Brixiae) in the year 1277, in order to identify the area between the Oglio and Mella rivers south of Lake Iseo.
The borders of Franciacorta were established through an act by Francesco Foscari, Doge of Venice, in 1429, when the area was under the control of the Republic of Venice.