Ricci Curbastro Farm Estate Winery

Ancient roots made up of tradition, history, and culture
branch out into the passion for our work and in its fruit: our wines.

A family of agriculturalists in Franciacorta narrates its own universe:
a farm estate and a wine cellar, a wine museum, an agritourism, and antiques from the Granaio Verde.

Welcome to our world. We are happy to share it with you.

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Sustainable Winery


Extra Brut 2016

Tre Bicchieri – Gambero Rosso 2022

Dosaggio Zero Gualberto 2011

Cinque Grappoli – Bibenda 2022
Corona e Sparkling Star – Guida Vini Buoni D’Italia TCI 2022

Extra Brut Museum Release 2009

Cinque Grappoli – Bibenda 2021

Visit The Wine Cellar

Guided tours to the Agricultural and Wine Museum, to the wine cellar of the Ricci Curbastro estate with illustration of
the production processes and tasting of Franciacorta.
The wine cellar is always open to the public, offering the possibility to buy directly from the producer.

Next Event

Vinitaly and Prowein 2022

Our new sustainability project and all the new vintages of our wines on the occasion of: VINITALY - Verona 10 - 13 APRIL 2022 Palaexpo Lombardia Area Franciacorta, Stand D14 PROWEIN - Düsseldorf 15 - [...]