Sebino IGT Pinot Bianco

With an aroma of plum and white flowers, this wine has a good acidity that provides freshness on the palate, along with mineral notes, and a warm and inviting alcoholic character. After much “gray”, the goal is to impress with a white, radiant springtime wine, which is inviting like the gentle curves of the hills of Franciacorta.
With a Stelvin screw cap for easy drinking, whether out for lunch or at home, it is also available in half bottles: the right quantity and practical for today’s hectic lifestyle. The label, just like the wine, it is a blend of history and innovation that we invite you to discover.

Grapes: 100% Pinot Blanc
Vineyards: Franciacorta (Brescia) in the town of Capriolo.
Terroir: Fluvial, glacial formed during the last glaciations (Wurmian), weakly undulated with a structure comprised of gravel, stones, sand, and lime, moderately deep with good drainage and, locally, has a very high quantity of stones.
Production: an average of 10 tons per hectare ( 4 tons per acre) with a maximum yield of 68% in wine.
Production cycle: Fully vinified and aged in steel vats, then bottled in the spring following harvest.
Color: pale straw yellow.
Nose: aroma of plum and wild white flowers (hawthorn).
Palate: Good acidity that provides freshness on the palate and mineral notes; warm and inviting alcoholic character.
Alcohol content: 11.5% vol.
Serving method: serve at 10°C. ( 50º F) in large glasses.
Gastronomy: suitable for light appetizers, delicate first courses, fish, and white meats.
Size: available in 0.75l. and 0.375 l. bottles with Stelvin screw caps.