Vigna Santella del Gröm

The great richness of the lands, emphasized by zoning research, carried out by the Franciacorta Wine Consortium in the early 1990’s, was as the root of the decision to also include, in the DOC Disciplinary, the mention of the term, “vineyard” (1995), followed by the name for those wines that, in addition to responding to the analytic requirements and superior production process (the higher the natural minimum alcoholic strength, the higher net dry extract, the longer is the aging process in the cellar), also derive from a careful selection of grapes from a single vineyard.
The knowledge of wine-growers regarding their best vineyards, combined with scientific research, is thus creating the conditions for a slow selection of the best cru of Franciacorta.

Grapes: 30% Cabernet Franc, 12% Carmenère, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 10% Barbera.
Vineyards: Santella del Gröm Vineyard in the town of Adro, sheet 10 – cadastral map 480, covers an area of 1.66 hectares ( 4,10 acres) . Plant density: 4,500 plants/hectare ( 1820 plants/acre) replanted in 1992. Average altitude of 210 meters( 683 feet) above sea level.
Production: approximately 8 tons per hectare with a yield of 68%.
Production cycle: cold maceration for about 4 days, followed by temperature-controlled fermentation in large, open stainless steel vats, followed by fining process of at least 18 months of maturation in oak barrels before bottling, then undergoes an additional aging stage for another year.
Color: deep ruby red, clear, and consistent.
Nose: intense, extremely delicate and harmonious, with hints of wood and ripe fruit.
Palate: continuous, with character, full and silky with nice contribution by the Cabernet. In the mouth, it has a fine and continuative flavor, with noticeably good acidity that is, however, well combined with its smoothness.
Alcohol content: 12,5 % vol.
Bottle storage: preferably in a horizontal position, in a cool, dry environment.
Aging: In relation to the year, up to 6-7 years after harvest.
Serving method: at room temperature, around 18°C ( 64,4º F). in large, fully rounded glasses, filled only half-way, to ensure optimum development of bouquet and aroma. Uncork the bottle at least one hour before serving.
Gastronomy: perfectly accompanies red meats, stews, small game and large game, charcuterie, and ripe cheeses.
Size: available in 0.75 l. bottles.