Ricci Curbastro: a sustainable Farm Estate Winery

The Ricci Curbastro family has agricultural tradition since the 13th century and leads farms in Romagna (Azienda Agricola Rontana, Brisighella, RA, Emilia Romagna) and the Ricci Curbastro estate of Capriolo in Francia- corta (BS, Lombardy).

In Franciacorta of the 32 hectares of company land, 26 are invested in vineyards according to the strict guidelines of modern viticulture and of the Consorzio Franciacorta wines to which the compa- ny it has been a member since the foundation.

In the secular park is the hypogeum cellar where fermentation is carried out and the slow maturation of Franciacorta DOCG.

Winemaking is followed by winemakers, Annalisa Massetti, Andrea Rudel- li and Riccardo Ricci Curbastro; a mix of experiences for wines destined for increasingly demanding palates of consumers all over the world.

The Ricci Curbastro Agricultural and Wine Museum, a unique reality in Franciacorta, the Conference Hall, educational activities for schools in the farm, complete the offer of the company.

With a mission based on the principles of Total Quality and likewise aimed at maintaining the avant-garde position achieved in its own markets and to guarantee maintenance in the short, medium and long term of a full competitive capacity, the Ricci Curbastro farm has decided to start a program to achieve Certifi- cation according to the standard of sustainability SOPD Equalitas – SUSTAINABILITY OF THE VARIE- TY CHAIN: ORGANIZATIONS, PRODUCTS, DESIG- NATIONS OF ORIGIN (SOPD).

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Carbon footprint

Ricci Curbastro has addressed, in a concrete manner, one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time: climate change.
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Solar Energy

Energy from the sun to power the winery.
24,000 kWh produced per year, 130 tons of CO2 that is not released into the atmosphere.
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LEDs and Solar Panels

The Ricci Curbastro winery is entirely illuminated by LEDs.
The “Save Energy” Project for the reduction of energy consumption, in collaboration with 360° Engineering.
LEDs and solar panels to reduce the electricity needs of the company to zero.
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Sustainable Viticulture

Ecology and respect for the environment, but not because it’s trendy.
A special three-way relationship: Vine-man-nature.
Running the vineyards along the lines of sustainable agriculture.
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