Recycling of waste and separate collection.
Cork stoppers can also be reused.

By recycling of waste is meant the whole set of strategies aimed at recovering materials from waste to reuse them instead of disposing of them in landfills or incinerators.
Raw materials, semi-finished products or waste materials deriving from manufacturing processes that would otherwise be wasted or thrown away as waste can be recycled. A classic example of recycling in an agricultural environment was the fertilizer where manure and straw and all organic waste were transformed into organic fertilizer for crops.
Recycling prevents the waste of potentially useful materials, reduces the consumption of raw materials, and reduces the use of energy, and consequently the emission of greenhouse gases.

In our cellar for years the separate collection of paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, iron, aluminum, cork has been practiced.
The latter is reused for the production of insulating panels, in fact the integumental fabric of the Quercus suber, is made up of several layers of polyhedral cells, full of air. This natural structure guarantees an unsurpassed insulation material. So all the corks used are collected and sent back to the cork factory to be ground and transformed into panels.