LEDs lighting

The Ricci Curbastro winery is entirely illuminated by LEDs.
The “Save Energy” Project for the reduction of energy consumption, in collaboration with 360° Engineering.
LEDs and solar panels to reduce the electricity needs of the company to zero.

LED lamps will allow for a saving of about 70-80% compared to conventional lighting. It is for this reason that the lighting methods used in the Curbastro Ricci Estate Farm Winery have been subjected to a renewal project, which has brought light consumption from 6,000 W to 1,400 W, with a saving of 77%. LEDs, besides saving electricity, with a consequent reduction in carbon dioxide production, also:
– ensures for long life without loss in efficiency (more than 50,000 in lighting);

– require low maintenance: the light fixtures operate on a very low voltage (12 or 24 Volts), thus eliminating the risk of injury from electrocution;
– emanate very low heat, particularly important when respecting the natural temperature of the winery, even when working long hours;
– produce white light without UV rays, ultraviolet radiation, from which it is advisable to protect the bottles of Franciacorta that are stored in the winery for years before being placed on the market;
– disposing of them when they reach the end of their life cycle does not pollute, since they do not contain gases or vapors and their components are fully recyclable;
– in external use, they do not produce light pollution, since their beam is directional, and does not disperse light. The project developed in collaboration with 360° Engineering from Concesio (Brescia), www.e360g.com , joined with the production of newly generated solar energy from the photovoltaic solar panels, will make the Ricci Curbastro Farm Estate Winery entirely self-sufficient in terms of electrical consumption.