Granaio verde antiques

Antiques, Furniture, Gifts.
Housed in an old granary of the farm estate, near the Wine Museum, the Granaio Verde is the reign of Evelina Ricci Curbastro, one of Gualberto’s daughters.

Chock-full of antique objects and furniture, you can also find prints, china, wrought iron objects, tables of Italian, French, and English tradition, dressers, antique stone and marble, furniture and, above all, a myriad of curious objects, adapted from Evelina’s imagination for the most varied uses and decorated with various techniques, from decoupage to trompe l’oeil.

A quaint shop filled with antiques, which are presented as if they were already set in a household environment, with a lighted lamp, a candle, a flower arrangement, and a bowl of bon-bons.
Those looking for ideas and tips for decorating a home will find, at the Granaio Verde, the attention and experience required, as well as the possibility of having an interior design project for a room prepared, which always respects the lifestyle needs and tastes of the client.

The store is open to the public every afternoon, from Tuesday to Saturday, 3pm to 7pm. An answering machine will respond during all other hours (tel. +39 0307460275).