Franciacorta MR, Museum Release

An ancient news in the Ricci Curbastro estate.

For many years the Ricci Curbastro estate has been presenting to its passionate consumers  bottles of Franciacorta which come to disgorgement after a number of years of maturation in the cellar on lees higher (from seven to nine / ten years) than is normal for the cellar itself. To give greater visibility to these products, the Museum Release brand, or MR, was coined, a name, an abbreviation, a symbol that best identifies these special Franciacorta wines.

The brand, MR Museum Release combines in the abbreviation a couple of quite unique characteristics of our company:
– the Ricci Curbastro Agricultural and Wine Museum because it is one of our peculiarities: a museum in the cellar, the history of yesterday and today in close contact in an extraordinary unicum;
– the ability of the Franciacorta Ricci Curbastro to cross time keeping intact those characteristics of minerality and freshness that have made them so appreciated on the market.