Vigna Bosco Alto

In the heart of the farm estate in Capriolo, the Bosco Alto Vineyard calls to mind, in its name, the clearing of the forests by our ancestors in 1919, in order to provide jobs for soldiers returning from the front who could not work due to the crisis that gripped post-war Italy. Around the vineyard, the last stretches of this forest are cared for by us and are a refuge for insectivorous birds and mammals, which are precious for our cultivations.

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay.
Vineyards: The Bosco Alto Vineyard, in the town of Capriolo, sheet 25 – cadastral map 138, covers an area of 0,98 hectares ( 2,42 acres) cultivated with Chardonnay. Plant density: 4,800 plants/hectare ( 1940 plants/acre).
Production: approximately 9 tons per hectare with a yield of 68% ( 3,64 tons per acre).
Production cycle: Only during the best vintage years, after a careful selection of grapes, the musts ferment in French oak barrels of 225 liters. The maturation stage in wood, in contact with its own lees, lasts for one year and, after bottling, it undergoes an additional aging period of 8-12 months.
Color: golden yellow, clear, and brilliant.
Nose: ample, characterized by delicate hints of vanilla and toasted wood..
Palate: great balance, smoothness, and a good quality of extracts, with a complex, robust structure supported by good acidity, and a scent of ripe exotic fruit.
Alcohol content: 12,5 % vol.
Bottle storage: preferably in a horizontal position, in a cool, dry environment.
Aging: in relation to the vintage, 4-5 years from harvest
Serving method: serve at a temperature of 12°C ( 53,6º F)in a slim glass that is not too narrow.
Gastronomy: cold dishes or venison pâté, white meats (also stuffed), roasted or grilled fish, and cheeses (also ripe ones).
Size:available in 0.75 l. bottles.