Curtefranca Bianco D.O.C. ORGANIC

Curtefranca is the new DOC wine that replaces the Terre of Franciacorta. The change in name of this historic designation eliminates two problems: Terre of Franciacorta was too long of a name and, however, was always linked to the Franciacorta, which made the Terre a lesser child of the Franciacorta. With a name of its own (Curtefranca is the Latin name of the area), we believe it will give us much satisfaction and, above all, it will prove to be sufficiently “grown” to live its own brilliant history.

Grapes: 60-70% Chardonnay, 30-40% Pinot Blanc.
Vineyards: Franciacorta (Brescia) in the towns of Capriolo and Iseo.
Production: approximately 10 tons per hectare with a yield of 68% (4 tons per acres).
Production cycle: the temperature-controlled fermentation in steel vats is followed in the spring by the bottling process.
Color: pale straw yellow with brilliant greenish hues.
Nose: delicate, elegant, persistent, and intense with fine hints of fresh fruit.
Palate: dry but not harsh, pleasant freshness underlined by an acidy character, with a subtle, but sturdy backbone.
Alcohol content: 11.5%- 12% vol.
Bottle storage: preferably in a horizontal position, in a cool, dry environment.
Aging: to be drunk young, however, it ages well, up to 2 or 3 years after harvest, imparting a complexity to be explored.
Serving method: serve at 10°C ( 50º F). in large tall glasses
Gastronomy: suitable for light appetizers, delicate first courses, fish, white meats, and fresh cheeses.
Sizes: available in 0.75 l. bottles.